Please read on because:

1. This is free advertising for wedding photographers (I will offer ad space to caterers, venues, etc.).

2. You don’t have to do a thing or spend a cent.

3. All I need is permission to post a couple pics from your website (with full credit).


Dear photographer,

I am a fellow photographer and I want to promote good talent. To do this, I am designing a smart online gallery that will help couples and wedding planners scan the work of many local photographers in a single, convenient place.

I want to provide couples/planners a way to select their photographers by selecting their city and scanning through a random assortment of pictures by a variety of talented photographers all in one spot.

Currently, they have to ‘Google’ for photographers (or via word of mouth) and are forced to go through company-by-company websites. Because the current process is cumbersome and very manual, users tend to stick to the first few rankings in the Google search. So to get noticed wedding photographers today need to spend a ton of time and money on SEO and Google ads.

My site helps even the playing field and ensures photographers are chosen based on their style rather than Google page rank. This will make life easier for users and photographers.

And don’t worry…you retain your existing rights to your work and I will remove your pics anytime you ask.

Wedding Photographers: Get Seen by Tons of Potential Clients

Photographers benefit because it showcases your best work to tons of potential customers who are actively looking to hire. It also ensures photographers with a great eye get noticed regardless of their marketing ability, Google page ranking, etc. My site will promote your talent to help you get clients, build your profile and raise your prices.

As for the actual gallery, I want it to be visual with minimal text. As users browse pictures they would get a link and a brief intro to the photographer. To start it would be fairly basic. But I will eventually expand and develop additional features.

If you are a photographer and would like your work featured, email mark (at) wed (dot) gallery



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